UD 330

Extruded aluminium housing and optical reflector

Clear tempered glass top and bottom

Colour temperature : 3000k & 4000k

Voltage : 100 – 240v

Beam Angle : 12°, 24°, 38° & 60°

Protection class : IP65

Product Specifications

CodeLampWattageColor TempLumens
UD 330.9.30(A)COB LED2x4.5w3000k2x254lm
UD 330.16.30(B)COB LED2x8w3000k2x986lm
UD 330.16.40(B)COB LED2x8w4000k2x1053lm
UD 330.24.30(C)COB LED2x12w3000k2x1079lm
UD 330.24.40(C)COB LED2x12w4000k2x1289lm
UD 330.36.30(D)COB LED2x18w3000k2x1617lm
UD 330.36.40(D)COB LED2x18w4000k2x1795lm
UD 330.60.30(E)COB LED2x30w3000k2x3177lm
UD 330.60.40(E)COB LED2x30w4000k2x3400lm