UD 312

Extruded aluminium body and frame

Clear tempered glass top and bottom

Beam angle : 24° (PAR38 2700k)
120° (PAR38 3000k)
24° & 40°(COIN111 3000k & 4000k)

High purity aluminium anodized reflector

Colour temperature : 2700k, 3000k & 4000k

Input voltage : 240v

Protection class : IP65

Product Specifications

CodeLampWattageColor TempLumens
UD 312.9.PAR16(A)PAR16 LED2x4.7w2700k/6500k2x370lm
UD 312.10.PAR16(A)PAR16 LED2x5w3000k/4000k/6500k2x350lm
UD 312.12.PAR16(A)PAR16 LED2x6w2700k/6500k2x520lm
UD 312.14.PAR16(A)PAR16 LED2x7w3000k/4000k/6500k2x575lm
UD 312.24.PAR38(B)PAR38 LED2x12w2700k2x1050lm
UD 312.32.PAR38(B)PAR38 LED2x16w3000k2x1100lm
UD 312.31.30.COIN111(B)COIN 111 LED2x15.5w3000k2x1250lm
UD 312.31.40.COIN111(B)COIN 111 LED2x15.5w4000k2x1350lm
UD 312.45.30.COIN111(B)COIN 111 LED2x22.5w3000k2x1850lm
UD 312.45.40.COIN111(B)COIN 111 LED2x22.5w4000k2x1950lm