BUL 479

Recessed in-ground linear LED wall washer or up light with designed of increasing heat dissipation to fully ensure the stability and long life span of LED fixture

The body & faceplate made of alumuminium, toughened clear glass

The waterproof stopper to prevent the passage of liquids into the light fittings

Beam angle : 5º, 8° 12.5º, 20º, 30º, 45°, 60°, 15 x 30°, 10 x 60° & 120° (Mono colour & RGB)
20º, 40°, 60° & 15 x 60° (RGBW)

Colour temperature : 3000k, 4000k, 6000k, RGB & RGBW

Protection class : IP67

Product Specifications

CodeLampVoltageWattageColor TempLumens
BUL 479.21.30/40/60(120°)LED100-240v11w3000k/4000k/6000k605lm
BUL 479.11.RGB(120°)LED24v11wRGB462lm
BUL 479.21.30/40/60LED100-240v21w3000k/4000k/6000k1365lm
BUL 479.21.RGBLED24v21wRGB840lm
BUL 479.28.30/40/60LED100-240v28w3000k/4000k/6000k1820lm
BUL 479.28.RGBLED24v28wRGB1120lm
BUL 479.42.30/40/60LED100-240v42w3000k/4000k/6000k2730lm
BUL 479.42.RGBLED24v42wRGB1680lm
BUL 479.7.30/40/60(0.3m)LED100-240v7w3000k/4000k/6000k455lm
BUL 479.7.RGB(0.3m)LED24v7wRGB280lm
BUL 479.11.30/40/60(0.5m)LED100-240v11w3000k/4000k/6000k715lm
BUL 479.11.RGB(0.5m)LED24v11wRGB440lm
BUL 479.48.RGBW4 in 1 LED24v48wRGBW2016lm