BUL 477

The body made of aluminium and stainless steel faceplate

Toughened clear glass and high purity aluminium relfector

Beam angle : 5º, 12.5º, 20º, 30º, 45° & 60° (SYM)
25° (ASYM) Tilting : 10°

Colour temperature : 3000k, 4000k, 6000k & RGB

Protection class : IP67

Product Specifications

CodeLampVoltageWattageColor TempLumens
BUL 477.7.30/40/60LED100-240v7w3000k/4000k/6000k455lm
BUL 477.7.RGBLED24v7wRGB280lm
BUL 477.8.30/40/60(ASYM)COB LED100-240v8w3000k/4000k/6000k784lm
BUL 477.10.30/40/60(ASYM)COB LED100-240v10w3000k/4000k/6000k980lm
BUL 477.12.30/40/60LED100-240v12w3000k/4000k/6000k780lm
BUL 477.12.RGBLED24v12wRGB480lm