BUL 444

Die-cast aluminium body & casting Grade 316
stainless steel front cover and ABS plastic
recessed kit

Step tempered clear glass with 8mm thickness

Capacity loading : ˃2000kg

Colour temperature : 3000k & 4000k

Input voltage : DC24V or AC100-240v

Protection class : IP67

Product Specifications

CodeLampWattageColor TempLumens
BUL 444.3.30.1ELED6 x 0.5w3000k75lm
BUL 444.3.30.2ELED6 x 0.5w3000k137lm
BUL 444.3.30.4ELED6 x 0.5w3000k150lm
BUL 444.3.40.1ELED6 x 0.5w4000k88lm
BUL 444.3.40.2ELED6 x 0.5w4000k163lm
BUL 444.3.40.4ELED6 x 0.5w4000k163lm